Resin Signs

The structure of LED Signs filled with epoxy resin

It is made up of three major parts: framework, filled raw material, and lamp house. Its framework shape use injected plastic ABS or welded metal plate material. The filled raw materials are the liquid resin through casting shape. The lamp house is the super bright LED.

Its framework guaranteed the filled materials casting and solid shape, also reflex effectively inner light to avoid light leaking. The filled materials guaranteed the light penetration and even spreading. LED and electric circuits are installed under the letters. Through the solidified epoxy resin, LED light bring transmission, refraction, reflection, to reach excellent diffuse effect, and the light remains its brightness and uniformity during the resin penetration process. The finished products have smooth surface, complete structure. The luminous surface give out uniform and bright, colorful light, it has no joggle joint mark with the framework.

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